Alexa.Business.ErrorResponse Interface

If Alexa sends an Alexa.Business directive to your skill and you can't handle it successfully, respond with an Alexa.Business.ErrorResponse event. For an overview of the Alexa.Business interface, see Understand Alexa for Business.

Error response event

In the payload for the Alexa.Business.ErrorResponse, specify the type of the error and include a message with information about the error. For the list of Alexa.Business error types, see Error type values.

ErrorResponse event payload details

Field Description Type Required
type The type of error. String Yes
message The error message for the error. String Yes

ErrorResponse event format

Copied to clipboard.

"event": {
    "header": {
      "namespace": "Alexa.Business",
      "name": "ErrorResponse",
      "messageId": "a unique identifier, preferably a version 4 UUID",
      "payloadVersion": "1.0"
    "payload": {
      "type": "<error type>",
      "message": "<error message>"

Error type values

The following table shows the valid Alexa.Business error types.

Type Description
RESERVATION_ALREADY_EXISTS A reservation already exists for the requested meeting time.
RESERVATION_NOT_ALLOWED The room does not allow the reservation. Reservations for the room might be restricted.
RESERVATION_NOT_FOUND The reservation can't be found.
RESERVATION_OUTSIDE_BUSINESS_HOURS The requested meeting time is outside of the normal business hours.
RESERVATION_TOO_FAR_IN_ADVANCE The requested meeting time is too far into the future.
RESERVATION_TOO_LONG The requested meeting duration is too long.
RESERVATION_TOO_SHORT The requested meeting duration is too short.
RESOURCE_NOT_AVAILABLE The requested room is unavailable.
RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND The requested room does not exist. The room may have existed previously and been deleted, or the room id might be misconfigured.
UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION The action requested by the user is not supported by the skill.

In addition to the Alexa.Business error types, you can also use Alexa error types. For more information, see Alexa.ErrorResponse error type values.

The following list shows some Alexa error types that you can use in an Alexa.Business.ErrorResponse event: