Knowledge Skill Case Study: Coffee Shop

The following fictional case study shows how My Coffee Shop created a knowledge skill to answer questions about their on-site events, and the coffee, food, and books they sell.


My Coffee Shop aims to delight customers through its cafe menu, wide book selection, and weekly events. The shop spans three stories of a downtown building, but customers currently can only ask questions to team members on the first floor.

To assist customers who are shopping on floors two or three, the staff decided to build an Alexa skill.

The following list shows examples of questions that the skill should be able to answer:

  • "Where can I find biographies?"
  • "What's the next Live Poetry Night?"
  • "What's the Wi-Fi password?"
  • "What floor are mystery books on?"
  • "What are some vegetarian options for lunch?"

Getting the data

The shop staff went to work collecting data to answer these types of questions. The team sorted the data into four categories:

  • General shop information – Wi-Fi password, bathroom code, hours of operation, loyalty club membership details
  • Upcoming event schedule – book club meetings, author readings, open mic nights
  • Book navigation – locations for each genre by floor and aisle
  • Cafe menu – menu items, vegetarian options

Mapping the data to templates

Based on the previous categories of data and question types, the team then determined which knowledge skill templates to use. They mapped their data to the following templates.

Data category Template Why Sample questions

Upcoming Event Schedule


This template provides time, location, and other information about events. This data helps users find information about the coffee shop's recurring events.

"When is the next book club meeting?"

"What time does the open mic night start?"

Book Details


This template helps users answer questions about book locations and prices.

"Where can I find Capitalism and Freedom?"

"What are some economics books?"

Cafe Menu Items

Menu Items

This template helps users answer questions about individual menu items (for example, price, calories, and ingredients) and item categories (for example, hot foods, gluten-free foods, and drinks).

"What's the price of coffee?"

"How many calories does the club sandwich have?"

Enrollment Information

How To

This template answers questions about processes and procedures. For My Coffee Shop, this template answers questions about how to enroll in the loyalty program and request out of stock books.

"How do I join the loyalty program?"

"How do I request an out of stock book?"

General Coffee Shop Information


This template, in addition to providing definitions, answers description questions about any subject. It's useful for general information that might not be covered by another template.

"What's the Wi-Fi password?"

"What's the loyalty reward program?"

Example data

After the team determined which templates to use, they downloaded the templates from the Alexa Skills Kit developer console and began to fill in the rows using their data.


Click the following figure to see data that the team added to the Events template.

Knowledge skill events data example.


Click the following figure to see data that the team added to the Products template.

Knowledge skill products data example.

Click the following figure to see data that the team added to the Menu Items template.

Knowledge skill menu items data example.

How To

Click the following figure to see data that the team added to the How To template.

Knowledge skill how-to data example.


Click the following figure to see data that the team added to the Glossary template.

Knowledge skill glossary data example.