Implement AVS Infrastructure

Learn how to implement the infrastructure required to enable the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) on your device.


To access AVS, your device must obtain a Login with Amazon (LWA) access token. The device includes this token with each request to AVS to authorize the Amazon account for the device user. Learn about your options for obtaining an LWA token to authorize your device users.

» Authorize an AVS Device

HTTP/2 Connections

AVS exposes an HTTP/2 endpoint so that a device can send events to AVS and receive directives from AVS. Learn how to have your device and AVS communicate with each other over an HTTP/2 connection:

» Create and Manage HTTP/2 Requests with AVS

Wake Word Verification

Cloud-based wake word verification improves wake word accuracy for devices that implement AVS by reducing false device wakes caused by utterances that sound similar to the wake word. For example, words that might cause a false wake for "Alexa" include "Alex", "election", and "Alexis." Learn how to implement cloud-based Wake Word verification on your Alexa Voice Service (AVS) enabled device:

» Implement Wake Word Verification

Update Certificate Authorities

All AVS-enabled devices and apps to support certificates vended from Amazon Trust Services (ATS) on all AVS endpoints. Learn how to implement support for ATS certificates:

» Update Certificate Authorities

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2023