Update an Annotation Set Property API

Call the Update an Annotation Set Property API to update the name of an existing annotation set for an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Evaluation.

HTTP method and path

PUT v1/skills/{skillId}/asrAnnotationSets/{annotationSetId} HTTP/1.1
Field Type Description Required
skillId String Skill Id as part of the URI path. Yes
annotationSetId String Annotation Id as part of the URI path. Yes


Request headers

Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

Request body

    "name": string
Attributes Type Description Required
name String Name of the annotation set. The length of the name can't exceed 170 chars. Yes


HTTP status

HTTP 204 No Content

Response headers


Response body


Error response

This section lists call-specific errors. For a reference of errors that can apply to all ASR APIs, see Automatic Speech Recognition API Error Reference.

HTTP Status Code Error Code Scenario

400 Bad Request


Required fields are missing in the request payload


Request payload is malformed


Length of name field isn't within allowed range


Name field contains invalid characters.

404 Not Found


Requested skill does not exist

500 Internal Server Error


Request failed due to an internal server error


Sample Request Sample Response
PUT v1/skills/amzn.skill.id.1234/asrAnnotationSets/123456-1234123-123123 HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: application/json Accept: application/json { "name": "my new annotation set name" } HTTP 204 No Content
PUT v1/skills/amzn.skill.id.1234/asrAnnotationSets/123456-1234123-123123/properties HTTP/1.1 { "name": "" }
HTTP 400 BadRequest Content-Type: application/json { "message": "Payload validations failed", "violations": [{ "message": "The \"name\" property at property path \"$.name\" is outside the allowed range. Actual length: 0, Minimum length: 1", "code": "INVALID_STRING_LENGTH" }] }