Runtime Configuration for CA Certificates for AVS Device SDK

By default libcurl is built with paths to a CA bundle and a directory containing CA certificates. You can direct the AVS Device SDK to configure libcurl to use an additional path to directories containing CA certificates via the CURLOPT_CAPATH setting. This is done by adding a "libcurlUtils/CURLOPT_CAPATH" entry to the AlexaClientSDKConfig.json file.

Here is an example:

  "authDelegate" : {
    "clientId" : "INSERT_YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE",
    "refreshToken" : "INSERT_YOUR_REFRESH_TOKEN_HERE",
  "libcurlUtils" : {

NOTE: If you want to assure that libcurl is only using CA certificates from this path you may need to reconfigure libcurl with the --without-ca-bundle and --without-ca-path options and rebuild it to suppress the default paths. See The libcurl documention for more information.

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