AVS Device SDK Sample App Quick Start Guides

The Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Device SDK includes two sample applications to use as the basis for your device, and to test interactions before integration:

Amazon provides six quick start guides that support two device types and three build platforms. Choose the quick start guide that matches with your device type and build platform.

  Build Platform
MacOS Raspberry Pi Ubuntu/Linux
Device Type Voice-Only Voice-Only Voice-Only
Smart Screen Smart Screen Smart Screen

After you build the Console Sample App, use the instructions in Use the AVS Device SDK Console Sample App to test and interact with the Console Sample App.

After you build the IPC Server Sample App and Web Component Sample Web App, use the instructions in Use the Smart Screen Sample Applications to test and interact with the Smart Screen Sample Apps.

For runtime configurations of the sample apps, see AlexaClientSDKConfig.

For reference details about smart-screen devices, see IPC Client Framework API Reference.

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Last updated: Sep 16, 2022