Developer Console
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Step 1: Log In and Add an App

Before you can submit an app, you must register for a developer account (it's free) and add an app within the Developer Console.

Log In and Add an App

  1. Go to Developer Console and click Sign In in the upper-right corner.

    If you already have an account but not an Amazon developer account, sign in with your account. On the back end, the Developer Console creates the developer account by using your email address, and then the two accounts are tied together and synced. You are prompted to complete the registration profile pages in the Developer Console.

    After you sign in, the Developer Console shows the Dashboard for your account.

  2. From the Dashboard in the Amazon Appstore widget, click Add a New App.

    Amazon Appstore section in Dashboard

    The Add New App overlay appears. Enter the title of your app in the App title field. This title is only used in the Developer Console. You define the title users see in the Appstore and on devices on the Description tab. In the App platform section, choose one of the following by selecting the corresponding radio button:

    • Android (refers to Java-based Android apps, usually created with Android Studio)
    • Mobile Web (refers to HTML5 web apps, created with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS)
  3. Click Create app.

    Add New App overlay for an Android app
    Add New App overlay for an Android app

Next Steps

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Last updated: Dec 02, 2021