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Test Fire TV Launcher Integration with the Integration Test App (Optional)

After verifying deep links, use Amazon's Integration Test app to ensure that your app responds correctly to capability requests as well as sign in and playback intents.

This Integration Test App app mimics the requests the launcher makes, and is the easiest way to ensure that you have implemented launcher integration correctly in your own app. (Note that this topic applies to Fire TV apps whose media catalogs are integrated with Fire TV.)

When to Use This Testing Option

Use this testing option when you have completed development on your app and have already implemented the code to respond to Intents from the launcher (see Integrate Your App with the Fire TV Launcher). You will also need a Fire TV device to be able to test your app's integration with the Integration Test App.

To test a fully functional app or to specifically test sign-in and playback intents, use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) option — see Test Launcher Integration with ADB.

Process Overview

Use the following high-level process to test your Fire TV launcher integration with Amazon's Fire TV Integration Test App:

  1. Download the Integration Test App.
  2. Update your own app to use the correct Intent package to work with the Integration Test App.
  3. Install both your app and the Fire TV Integration Test App to a Fire TV device.
  4. Test your app with the Fire TV Integration Test App.

Step A: Download the Integration Test App

Before you can start testing, download the Fire TV Integration Test App to your computer:

Step B: Modify Your App for Testing

You will need to modify your app to work with the Fire TV Integration Test App. To perform this modification, make the following changes to your app:

  1. If you have not already done so, make the changes to your app described in Integrate Your App with the Fire TV Launcher.
  2. Inside of your broadcast capabilities method, change the name of the to For example, intent.setPackage("") should become intent.setPackage("").

Step C: Install Both Your App and the Fire TV Integration Test App to a Fire TV Device

Both your app and the Integration Test App will need to be installed to a Fire TV Device before you can start testing. To install your app and the Fire TV Integration Test App to a Fire TV device:

  1. Connect the Fire TV device to your computer using ADB. See Connecting to Fire TV Through ADB.
  2. Sideload both your app and the integration tester app onto the device. See Installing and Running Your App.

Step D: Test Your App with IntegrationTest

Now that both your app and the Integration Test App are available on your Fire TV device, you can start testing. To test your app:

  1. Launch the Integration Test App:
    1. From the Fire TV main menu, go to Settings > Applications > Manage All Installed Applications, and select the Integration Test app.
    2. Select Launch Application.
  2. Click Request Capabilities.

    The IntegrationTest app sends a broadcast Intent to request capabilities from your app. If your app responds to that request, and includes all the required elements, the test app displays a success message and the values for each capability from your app.

  3. Verify that capability values from your app are correct.

    If the capability exchange was successful, Fire TV displays a text entry box and a Send Intent button.

  4. Enter a content URL or ID, and click Send Intent.

    The content reference may be a URI or a data extra name/ value pair, depending on your implementation. Enter a content reference that your app recognizes. If the content reference and your implementation is correct, your app launches and handles the Intent and the content reference.

    After you finish testing your app, remember to change the broadcast intent package back to