Works with Alexa Badge Requirements

Works with Alexa (WWA) badges are for products intended to be sold on the Amazon retail website. To receive a WWA badge, your product must meet the following requirements.

Product requirements

Review the product requirements before you apply for the WWA badge.

  1. Your product has an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN).
    For details about how to sign up to sell on the Amazon retail website, see Become an Amazon seller. After you have a Seller ID, you can add a new product to the store. Amazon assigns an ASIN to each individual product.
  2. The ASIN is available on the Amazon retail website, in the marketplace requested, and can't be unavailable, not valid, or suppressed.
  3. The ASIN detail page must match the product that the WWA team tested and certified. The brand, model number, and product image listed on the ASIN detail page must match the certified device.
  4. If your product connects to Alexa with a hub, the hub ASIN must be the same as the hub tested during WWA certification.
  5. If your product has an Alexa skill, the skill is available in the Amazon Alexa skill store, in the marketplace requested, and can't be unavailable, not valid, or suppressed.

If your product doesn't meet these requirements, Amazon will reject your badge request. You must correct the issues and resubmit your product for certification. For submission instructions, see Submit your product for certification.

Availability requirements

After your product receives the WWA badge, your WWA-certified devices must continue to perform at a high measure of availability.

  1. Your WWA-certified devices must meet the following availability requirements.
    1. Maintain 99.93 percent availability annually. This availability measurement equates to no more than 6 hours 8 minutes of downtime per year.
    2. Have no more than five outages annually.
  2. If your WWA-certified devices approach the availability thresholds listed in (1.) and are at risk of disrupting the ability for Alexa to serve a significant number of customers, Amazon sends you an email warning.
  3. If the availability metric continues to decline and goes below the required thresholds, the ASINs associated with the WWA-certified devices will lose eligibility for the WWA program and have their WWA badge removed. Also, Amazon will suspend your ability to request WWA badges in the WWA console for new ASINs.
  4. To reinstate WWA eligibility, the impacted devices must maintain 99.93 percent availability for three consecutive months and continue to meet all existing WWA certification requirements.

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Last updated: Mar 26, 2024