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Retrieve a User Code and Verification URL

To retrieve a user code and verification URL, your device must make a POST request to Login with Amazon. If the Device Authorization Request is valid, you will receive a Device Authorization Response that contains the user_code and verification_url you will display to your user.

The Device Authorization Response and request implement sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the OAuth 2.0 Device Flow Specification.

Device Authorization Request

To request authorization, the device must make a secure HTTP POST request to with the following parameters:

Parameter Description
response_type REQUIRED. The type of response requested. Must be device_code to proceed with a code-based linking authorization request.
client_id REQUIRED. The client identifier. This value is obtained using the Login with Amazon SDK for Android or iOS.
scope REQUIRED. The scope of the request. Must be profile, profile:user_id, postal_code, or some combination, separated by spaces (for example, profile%20postal_code).

For example:

POST /auth/o2/create/codepair HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Device Authorization Response

If the Device Authorization Request was properly formatted, you will receive a Device Authorization Response from Login with Amazon that contains the following parameters:

Parameter Description
user_code String. The code to display to the user.
device_code String. Required to submit a Device Token Request to Login with Amazon, to obtain the user’s access and refresh token.
verification_uri String. The URL to display to the user.
expires_in Integer. The length of time in seconds the device_code is valid.
interval Integer. The length of time in seconds you should wait between each Device Token Request.

For example:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

    "device_code": "74tq5miHKB",
    "user_code": "94238",
    "verification_uri": "",
    "expires_in": 600,
    "interval": 30

Authorization Errors

If the authorization request is malformed or an error occurs, the Device Authorization response will return one of the following:

Error Code Description
invalid_request The request is missing a required parameter, has an invalid value, or is otherwise improperly formed.
unauthorized_client The client is not authorized to request an authorization code.
access_denied The resource owner or authorization server denied this request.
unsupported_response_type The request specified an unsupported response type. For this scenario, the response_type must be code.
invalid_scope The client requested the wrong scope.
server_error The authorization server encountered an unexpected error (treat as a 500 Internal Server HTTP error).
temporarily_unavailable The authorization server is currently unavailable due to a temporary overload or scheduled maintenance (treat as a 503 Service Unavailable HTTP error).