Submit an Alexa List Skill for Certification

Once you have completed developing and testing a new skill for Alexa, you can submit it for certification for potential publication.

In either case, users can see the skill in the Amazon Alexa App and enable it for use with their devices. The Amazon Alexa App is available for Fire OS, Android, iOS, and desktop web browsers.

Testing the Skill and Completing the Submission Checklist

When you submit your skill to the Alexa Store, it must pass a certification process before it can be published live to Amazon customers. To ensure that your skill will meet the certification requirements, complete all of the testing described in the Certification Guide for List Skills.

Submit Your Skill for Certification Through ASK CLI

When you submit a skill developed through ASK CLI for certification, you must do so through the submit-skill-for-certification command.

While the skill is in the certification process, you cannot make any further edits to the configuration. If you want to make a change, you can withdraw your skill from certification, do so through the withdraw-skill-from-certification command, make and desired changes, and then once again use the submit-skill-for-certification command to re-submit your skill for certification.

After Amazon completes the review, you will receive an email at the address associated with your Amazon developer account:

  • If the skill has been certified, the email will provide an estimate for when it will become available to end users.
  • If the skill could not be certified, the email provides information about the issues you need to correct. You can make any necessary changes and then re-submit.

Publication Status

Although you cannot manage a skill through the developer portal, you can view its current publication status in the developer portal on your list of skills, in the Status column:

  • DEVELOPMENT The skill is available only to you. If you have enabled it for testing, you can test it on devices registered to your developer account.
  • CERTIFICATION Amazon is currently reviewing the skill for publication. During this time, you cannot edit the configuration.
  • PUBLISHED The skill has been published and is available to users. You cannot edit the configuration for live skills. To start development on an updated version, make your changes on the development version instead.