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Dash Replenishment Service Glossary

This section defines common terms used throughout the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) documentation.

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Access Token
To access customer data, you must provide an access token to the Login with Amazon authorization service. An access token is an alphanumeric code, 350 characters or more in length, with a maximum size of 2048 bytes. Access tokens begin with the characters Atza|. Access tokens are only valid for 60 minutes and are specific to the user logging in and the data the app requested when it triggered the login.
Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)
Amazon’s unique retail catalog identifier for products.
Amazon SNS
The AWS Simple Notification Service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and send notifications from the cloud.


The end user of a device, who has an Amazon account.


Dash Replenishment Service (DRS)
The service that powers Amazon Dash Replenishment and allows connected device makers to place orders from Amazon on behalf of their customers. For clarity, customer facing communications should use "Amazon Dash Replenishment".
The act of disassociating a device from a customer’s Amazon account.
A hardware item that the customer can purchase, register, deregister, or manage as a single entity. It is possible for a device to have multiple consumable products that are reordered through Amazon Dash Replenishment.
Device Maker
A manufacturer of a device that integrates with DRS.
DRS Settings Page (DSP)
A page available to customers on Amazon, and within a device’s companion website or app, where customers can view and modify their Amazon Dash Replenishment settings, including automatic reordering status and the ASINs that will be automatically reordered.


Login with Amazon (LWA)
The system that allows customers to log into their Amazon account from non-Amazon websites and devices. A device, or its companion website or app, receives a token from LWA that allows it to place Amazon orders.
Short for Login with Amazon


Manage Your Content and Devices (MYCD)
MYCD is an Amazon page that enables customers to manage device settings.
Model ID
Each physical DRS-enabled device should be associated with one ModelID. Each ModelID may contain one or more slots.


Primary Device Page (PDP)
The first page in a device’s companion website or app that provides details and/or status on the customer’s device. The PDP is often the first screen displayed in the companion website or app.


The act of associating a device with an Amazon customer account using a unique device identifier. Amazon will maintain the authoritative DRS Device Registration status (registered or unregistered) and communicate that status to the device maker.
Refresh Token
Once your Access Token expires, you must use the Refresh Token to request a new one. A refresh token is an alphanumeric code, 350 characters or more in length, with a maximum size of 2048 bytes. Refresh tokens begin with the characters Atzr|. When you request a new acces token with your refresh token you will also be given a new refresh token.


A slot is a consumable type that your device can replenish. For a printer, each slot represents the toner or ink color, so 'Slot 01' slot name could be 'Black ink', 'Slot 02' could be 'Magenta ink' and so on. For a washing machine 'Slot 01' represents the detergent and another slot could represent the softener. Your device must be able to check the levels of each slot and re-order the associated consumables individually, when required.
The action a customer takes to authorize a device to place orders for specific ASINs from Amazon. A successful DRS Device Registration is a requirement for subscription – a device must be registered and subscribed to successfully place an order. Amazon maintains the authoritative DRS subscription status (subscribed or unsubscribed) and communicates the status to device makers using Amazon SNS notifications.


The action a customer takes to revoke authorization for a device to place orders from Amazon.


An HTML container presented to customers within a device’s companion website or app through which Amazon delivers DRS setup and settings content.