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Security Profile

Before you can use Login with Amazon on a website or in a mobile app, you must have a security profile assigned to the website or app, and that security profile must be enabled for Login with Amazon.

A security profile associates Amazon data, including security credentials, with one or more apps. For example, you may have a "My Game - Free" and a "My Game - HD" that share data because they use the same security profile. The name of your security profile is sometimes displayed to users, and should identify your app or app family (such as "My Game").

When you associate a security profile with Login with Amazon, you must add some information that is displayed to users when they first login to one of the apps associated with the profile. Users will see the name of your application, your logo, and a link to your privacy policy. To use Login with Amazon you must supply the following:

  • Privacy Notice URL. The Privacy Notice URL is the location of your company or application's privacy policy (for example, http://www.example.com/privacy.html). This link is displayed to users on the consent screen .

You may also supply the following:

  • Logo Image File. This logo is displayed on the sign-in and consent screen to represent your business or website. The logo will be shrunk to 50 pixels in height if it is taller than 50 pixels; there is no limitation on the width of the logo.

After associating Login with Amazon with a security profile, you can add apps or websites to the security profile. After specifying some identifying information about your website or app, Login with Amazon will create security credentials (client identifier or API key ) for the application.

Client Identifier

When clients create a website or mobile app, they are assigned a client identifier and a client secret . Client identifiers and client secrets are assigned in pairs. An app can have multiple client identifiers.

The client identifier is used to identify your app, either alone or along with the client secret. The Authorization Grant uses the client identifier, but the Authorization Code Grant requires both the client identifier and client secret.

The client identifier has a maximum size of 100 bytes. The client secret has a maximum size of 64 bytes.


When you associate a mobile app with Login with Amazon, your app is assigned an API key. This key securely identifies your app to the Login with Amazon authorization service ; without it, any time your app tries to log in a user it will fail. After you add your API key to your mobile project, the library will automatically use it to contact the Login with Amazon authorization service.

An API key is locked to the name of your Android package or iOS Bundle. You can use different API keys for the same app (for example, beta and release versions of your app might have different keys).

Last updated: Nov 25, 2020