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Device Setup

Requirements for CX Review

Please include customer flows and mockups that show all actions customers will take to in setting up their device. This will encompass:

  • Physical device setup
  • Device setup in companion app/website/skill/device
    • Login (if applicable)
    • New account creation (if applicable)
    • Device pairing (if applicable)
    • Connect to WiFi (any use cases applicable, such as SoftAP, BLE, captive portal, etc.)
    • Any additional required device settings or steps
    • DRS teaser page (please refer to Teaser Page Guidelines)
  • How customers will discover the companion app/website/skill needed to setup their device

The following aren't required for the CX review, but will be required during the certification phase:

  • Any errors customers could encounter during setup
  • The target and actual time it takes to set up this device

Best Practices

Keep setup short and sweet

Customers want to use their new device as soon as possible, so the setup process should get them there as quickly as possible. We strongly recommend having a target end-to-end setup time to ensure your experience is respecting your customer's time.

While there's not a perfect timeframe or number of steps as it's relative to the complexity of the device (what's appropriate for a printer may not be appropriate for a toothbrush), we do encourage our partners to make sure each step is clear and carries its weight in the process.

Streamline when possible

Each setup step should be essential for customers to use their new device and if there are actions or decisions that can be deferred until after setup, we recommend integrating them into your post-setup experience instead. Additionally, leveraging services like Log in with Amazon for new accounts can streamline DRS sign up steps later.

Requirements for success early

Customers should know exactly what they need to be successful in setting up their device before they even begin. For example, do they need to download a companion app before or after setup? If so, how will they know?

Example Customer Flows and Wireframes

Device Setup Flow

Sample device setup flow

Device Setup Screens

Examples of signing into an app and pairing a device
Examples of connecting to wifi
Examples of a connected device and the DRS teaser page

Last updated: Feb 14, 2019