Developer Console
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Device Management and Settings

Amazon customers can manage content and devices on the Manage your Content and Devices page on Amazon. This page allows customers to deregister their DRS-enabled devices at any time, even if originally registered using the device maker’s experience.

When a device is deregistered on Amazon, a deregistration notification will be published to SNS. See the Notification Messages for additional information. Once a device is deregistered, subsequent API calls will fail.

If your platform/application is managing customer registrations. You can call the deregister API with a valid access token for the device to deregister it from DRS.

DRS Settings Page

The DRS Settings page (DSP) is where Amazon customers interact with the settings for their DRS-enabled products. This page is available to your app or your web interface using this URL:

Customers must be authenticated with Amazon to view this page. If the customer has not recently logged into on the user agent, they will experience a login flow. This should not interrupt your application web view.

Dash Settings Page Exit Button

The URL parameter exitUri= provides your application with a flexible way to provide an exit path back to your website or application from the DSP.

Including the exitUri= parameter in the URL will cause the Exit button to appear on the Dash Settings Page. Clicking the Exit button will link to the URI you provided in the URL parameter. In the URL example above, the Exit button will appear and link customers to It is required that you provide the scheme for the URI you wish to link to with the "Exit" button.

If you omit the exitUri= parameter from the URL then the Exit button will not appear. This is useful if you have a custom webview that you'd prefer to use that includes an exit button.

Last updated: Aug 07, 2018