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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with DRS?

To start your integration with Amazon Dash Replenishment Service, click the Get Started button to review and accept the program agreement and provide us with information about your device and reorder use-case.

Is my connected device compatible with DRS?

DRS can be integrated into any device that can connect to the Internet, either directly or through a proxy.

How is DRS different from Dash Button?

For consumables that aren't associated with a device (such as sport drinks or paper towels), Dash Button provides a simple standalone solution for DRS integration. For consumables that are associated with a device (such as water filters or printer cartridges), device makers have two options for integrating with DRS: they can integrate a physical button right into their device for reordering, or they can measure consumable usage so that reordering happens automatically.

Is DRS only for large manufacturers?

No. We want to work with device makers of all sizes, from large corporations to hobbyists.

Amazon doesn't sell the consumable that goes with my device. Can I still participate?

Yes. You can sell your own consumable items on Amazon using Fulfillment by Amazon. You can then integrate DRS with your connected device to reorder those consumables.

Can we really implement DRS with 10 lines of code?

Yes. Device makers can start using DRS with as few as 10 lines of code using simple HTML containers and REST API calls. Device makers can place orders on behalf of their customers without having to manage addresses, payment instruments, or billing systems.

Last updated: Aug 07, 2018