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GetOrderInfo Endpoint

OrderInfo allows device makers to access the order status information for the specific event instance ID. Event instance ID is returned by Replenish endpoint in a successful response.



HTTP Method


Header Parameters

Authorization: Bearer (ACCESS_TOKEN)


Versioning is used to incrementally update API functionality without directly impacting customers. x-amzn-type-version and x-amzn-accept-type headers must be sent with each call. The following are supported by the Order Info Endpoint:


Response Example

HTTP/1.1 200 Accepted
Content-Type: application/json
 "orderInfoData": {
   "instanceId": "amzn1.dash.v2.o.--------",
   "orderItems": [
       "asin": "-------",
       "expectedDeliveryDate": "2017-01-05T07:59:59.000Z",
       "quantity": 1,
       "slotId": "PaperTowel",
       "status": "Processing"

Response Example Details

instanceId - event instance id for which you requested details

orderItems - For the order with multiple items this list will contain multiple objects. For DRS orders it will mostly contain only one object.

asin - ASIN that was ordered.

expectedDeliveryDate - Estimated timestamp by which we expect the order to be delivered. An expected delivery date is not always available, in which case the field will be null. This can happen when the replenish attempt enters the Amazon Order Resolution Flow. In this case the status field will be returned as ‘Processing’.

quantity - Quantity of the ASIN inside this order.

slotId - Name of the slot which placed the order.

status - Status of the order. Status can be one of the following:

  • Processing (Order was placed)
  • Cancelled (Order was cancelled)
  • Shipped (Order was shipped)

Error Responses

Errors Descriptions
HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error Indicates that an error occurred internally to the server.
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request Client error: an error occurred. Amazon will make the best effort to provide feedback on the nature of the failure in the response body.

Last updated: Aug 07, 2018