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Dash Replenishment Sign Up

Requirements for CX Review

Please include customer flows and mockups that show all opportunities customers will have to sign up for Dash Replenishment. This will encompass:

  • DRS sign up in the setup flow (required)
  • Any additional examples of when and how your customers can sign up for Dash Replenishment such as:
    • Just-in time scenarios (Low inventory notification, a link from where you show inventory/supply levels, etc.)
    • “Sign up for Amazon Dash Replenishment” in device settings
  • Setup flow if device has been pre-registered (if applicable)
  • Inventory management (if applicable)
  • DRS sign up success screen (or any screen after customer skips or completes setup)

Best Practices

Required: The DRS sign up flow must be shown during setup

Your customers must be presented with the option to register their device with DRS and subscribe to DRS during device setup. This must occur before the device is ready for its intended use (e.g., prior to the completion of a tutorial, prior to the completion of any "your device is ready for use" message).

Provide opportunities to sign up outside of setup

Sometimes customers aren't ready to sign up for a service just after setting up, which means they need to have a clear path to sign up later. It also may mean having multiple sign up ingresses, such as being connected to a low supply notification, a link in inventory levels, or device settings.

Inventory management should be zero-touch

If you have an inventory management system, we encourage you to consider what is the minimum amount of customer input needed in order for DRS to be successful. We always want to be working on behalf of our customers and so they don't have to spend time doing things like keeping track of their current inventory.

Clear next steps

Once customers are done signing up for DRS, it's helpful to have a clear next step for them to take, even if it's simply returning the home screen.

Celebrate customer success

An opportunity for delight is when customers have completed setup and signed up for Dash Replenishment (we sometimes call them “Confetti Moments”).

Example Customer Flows and Wireframes

DRS Sign Up Flow During Setup

Sample DRS sign up flow

DRS Sign Up Flow from Low Supply Notification

DRS Sign Up Flow from Low Supply Notification

DRS Sign Up Screens

Examples of Login with Amazon
Examples of choosing products and device confirmation screen
Examples of a sign up success screen

Last updated: Feb 14, 2019