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Test Device Purchases

If you used the is_test_device:true flag in your LWA registration request, DRS will treat this as a test device. A replenish API call for a test device will generate a "trial purchase," which simulates a purchase event, including applicable notifications, without charging the customer’s payment instrument or shipping a consumable.

The Order Placed and Item Shipped SNS notifications will be sent. Trial purchases cannot be canceled and will not appear in the customer’s order history.

A test order can be canceled by calling a CancelTestOrder API. The standard order can be canceled by customers through their Amazon account.

Real purchases vs Test purchases

Action Real purchase Test purchase
E-mail notification to the user Y Y (address will be "N/A")
SNS notification Y Y
Consumable shipment/payment Y N
Cancelling orders Within 24 hours from > Orders CancelTestOrder API

JavaScript Sample Request

var options = new Object();
var scope = ('dash:replenish');
var scope_data = new Object();
scope_data['dash:replenish'] = {"device_model":modelX,"serial":serialY,"is_test_device":true};
options['scope_data'] = scope_data;
options['scope'] = scope;
options['response_type'] = code;

Last updated: Aug 07, 2018