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Amazon Developer Huddle

An exclusive insights community for app developers and content creators.

What is Amazon Developer Huddle?

The Amazon Developer Huddle is an exclusive community of developers and content creators set up to amplify their voices via engaging research activities. The feedback provided in this community will impact our product roadmap, with all feedback going directly to our product, engineering, marketing, and leadership teams.

The primary way members interact with this community is by completing activities a couple times a month. These activities will range from online surveys to invitations for one-on-one phone interviews.

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Influence the products

Your participation in the panel will directly influence products. All feedback collected is passed on to the team who can take action based on that feedback. 


Network with the community

As a member, you’ll be able to log in to the member hub and see new content we’ve shared and @ mention other members outside of your organization. Occasionally, we will open forums where you can discuss specific topics with other members. 


Meet with product leaders

Members will have the opportunity to participate in a webinar with product leaders each quarter.


Win prizes

Members can win prizes just for participating. Prizes will range from gift cards to devices.

Amazon Developer Huddle FAQ

Specific activities Huddle members are asked to participate in will depend on the topic of interest. Members may be asked to participate in one or more of the following based on the types of activities they are interested in:

  • Beta testing unreleased products and features
  • Virtual Amazon hosted meetups
  • In-person Amazon hosted meetups
  • Respond to short surveys
  • Quick polls
  • Virtual one-on-one interviews
  • In-person one-on-one interviews
  • Virtual group discussions (forums and focus groups)
  • In-person group discussions

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Amazon will use the feedback to inform the strategy and development of our technology solutions, product and marketing roadmaps, help improve our advertising, social media posts, website, industry events, and our customer support resources and materials.

Because we respect your need to maintain your privacy, we will never share your personal information (organization, role, name, etc.) with other community members unless given permission to do so. Every time you join a discussion forum you can create a unique name to further maintain anonymity.

Amazon Developer Huddle members are recruited from internal Amazon Appstore databases and referrals from existing members. The most important criteria for membership is that you are a professional app developer either working in a full-time or freelance position and have registered for an Amazon Developer account. Currently membership is invite-only via email for those that are registered with Amazon Appstore.

By joining and participating in Amazon Developer Huddle you will receive the following benefits:

1) Exclusive View: You will have an inside view of the Amazon Appstore business only available to community members. Your advice and feedback will help shape and influence Amazon Appstore business decisions and product roadmap. From time to time we will also give you “share backs” (short summaries of data or business actions) so you can see how your feedback is impacting our decisions.

2) Peer to Peer Network
: You will have access to a peer network of app and game developers like yourself and have the opportunity to submit content to share with them. You may be selected to be featured in Member Spotlights and Member Case Studies, which offer broad exposure to you as a developer and your organization. Members for Spotlights are selected based on activity level, responses to open-end questions and interest expressed in calls for interested developers.

3) Rewards and Prizes: You will receive rewards and prizes for participating. We frequently offer gift cards for completing survey activities, as well as Amazon devices as part of giveaways.

4) Exclusive Data: We will also provide relevant data and articles covering industry trends, industry events, share-backs from research that we have initiated, etc., all in one convenient Member Hub.

After you complete the recruitment survey and are accepted into the community, you will receive a short survey about two days after joining. This initial survey gives you the opportunity to share what you would like to get out of the Amazon Developer Huddle community and the types of activities you are interested in. After that first survey you can expect a new activity request every 1 - 2 weeks via email.

We are currently working on a referral program for inviting fellow developer friends and family. We look forward to sharing more details via email. 

From time to time, the Amazon Appstore team will invite qualified, registered developers via email to join the Developer Huddle. If you see an email from “Amazon Appstore” with a subject line of “Amazon invites you to join Developer Huddle”, you can find the unique invitation link to you in the email.

Already a member of the Huddle?  Log in to visit the Hub.

For those who received an invitation via email, invitation links may only be used once. If you’ve already used the link to join Amazon Developer Huddle or shared it with someone else, contact Customer Support.

Amazon Developer Huddle is free. We only ask that members respond to the surveys or invitations to participate in interviews we send in a timely manner.

We’d be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your membership by clicking the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of any of the email invitations sent to you by the Amazon Developer Huddle through our community platform.

How to join

Amazon Developer Huddle is currently an invite only community. If invited, you’ll receive the invitation via email or a phone call. Please go to the unique link provided to you to join. Invitations cannot be requested at this time. 

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