Developer Console

Reporting Overview

The reporting experience in the Amazon Developer Console provides sales, earnings and payments reports for Appstore and Twitch.

Click the Reporting tab on the Developer Console main menu to open the reporting experience.

Developer Console instructions are identical for Twitch and Appstore, except that the Dashboard currently only applies to Appstore. Some of the fields in the reports are not applicable to Twitch; these are identified in the detailed tables.

For a tutorial on how to access reports, watch the following video.

Appstore dashboard

For Appstore reporting, the Reporting tab opens the Appstore dashboard overview page. This page provides graphical summaries of App and IAP sales in total and by marketplace. See Appstore dashboard for more information.

Financial reports

To access the financial reports for your apps and games:

  1. On the Developer Console dashboard page, click the Reporting tab.
  2. In the left menu, click one of these options:
    • Units for sales reports.
    • Earnings & Payments for earnings and payments reports.

For Twitch, all reporting is based on the PST time zone. For Appstore reports, the information for each sale reflects the local time zone of the associated marketplace. For example, the transaction date and time of a UK sale uses GMT (the time zone for London).

Unit sales reports

The unit sales reports provide the total units sold and estimated earnings. The data can be filtered by year, month, app and marketplace. The IAP and subscription units associated with a specific app are also shown. The report includes units sold and units returned.

See Sales Reports for more information.

Earnings & Payments reports

Unlike the sales report, earnings numbers in the earnings report are not estimated. They are the earnings approved by the Amazon Appstore and Twitch. Payment reports are generated based on actual disbursement of payments.

The default reporting period for earnings and payments reports is one month. A month is defined as the first day of month to the last day of the month.

See Earnings Reports for more information.

User Reviews

To view the user reviews for each of your apps:

  1. Click Reviews in the left menu.
  2. Click View Reports to see a list of your apps.
  3. Click on an app to see a list of reviews for that app.

Click Export to CSV to download the user reviews in a file.

Download Center

Download center is a convenient, centralized location to download CSV report files with data about your sales, earnings and payments.

See Download Center for more information.

Browsers Supported

The reporting interface is tested on the following browsers:

Mac OS X

  • Chrome: version 68
  • Safari 11.1
  • Firefox: 55, 57, 60

Windows 10

  • Chrome: 68.0.3, 67.0.3, 66
  • Edge: 40.15
  • Firefox: 61.0.2

Please note that Internet Explorer is currently not supported.

Last updated: Jul 31, 2023