Developer Console

Subscription Reports

Use the Appstore Developer Console to review and download subscription reports for your apps. The report contains daily data for the subscription IAPs created in all of your apps in the Amazon Appstore. The data includes the number of active, started, ended, and refunded subscriptions.

Downloadable Subscription Reports

Use the following steps to download subscription reports:

  1. Select Download Center in the left menu.
  2. Click Subscription Reports in the main panel.
  3. Click the month of the report that you want to download.
Custom date range dialog box

This CSV file is updated every 24 hours, but the data may lag by up to 48 hours.

Subscription Report FAQs

Q: Can I use the reporting API to download subscription reports?
Currently, we do not support download of subscriptions reports through the reporting API.
Q: Can I get OPS and earnings from the subscription reports?
Subscription reports provide information about subscriber counts. You can derive subscription sales and earnings using the sales reports from the download center.
Q: Do the subscription reports provide the churn metrics
Churn metrics are calculated differently by different organizations, so the subscription report does not include this information. You can use the daily subscription data to calculate the churn.
Q: Do the subscription reports include any customer-specific information?
No. These reports provide the number of customers who joined and discontinued a given subscription on a daily basis. These reports do not include any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
Q: Can I download the source information from the overview page after I apply the required filters?
This capability is not currently supported.

Fields in the Subscription Reports

The CSV file is a text file with a .csv file extension. The CSV file must use UTF-8 encoding to support localized strings.

The CSV file contains one header row (which displays the column titles). Each subsequent row in the file contains the information for one report item.

The following table describes the fields for each entry (row) in the file. Note that the Amazon marketplace, vendor SKU, subscription title, and subscription duration are values that you entered when you configured this subscription in the Developer Console:

Field Description Example
Date The subscription data for this record was collected on this date. 12/29/18
Marketplace The Amazon marketplace associated with the data in this record.
App Title The subscription is for the app with this title. My Test App
ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for the subscription. C00006M4PF
Vendor SKU The SKU of the subscription. com.test.monthly
Subscription Title The title of the subscription. Test Monthly Subscription
Subscription Duration The duration of the subscription. Monthly
Subscription Type The subscription type has the value trial or paid. paid
Active The total number of active subscriptions at the end of the specified day (11:59 PM UTC). 7261
Started The number of subscriptions initiated during the specified day 163
Ended The number of subscriptions that were cancelled or ended without renewal during the specified day. 163
Refunded The number of subscriptions that were refunded during the specified day. 163

Last updated: Oct 28, 2020