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Get Started with Apps for Fire Tablets


Fire tablets support Android apps and HTML5 Web apps. Choose an approach that aligns with your expertise and your app's requirements:

  • Android Apps: Use existing tools (such as Android Studio) and frameworks (including Unity) to develop apps and games. Note that Android no longer supports the Eclipse ADT plugin. Sample code, documentation, and guidelines are available to help you make the most of your apps.
  • HTML5 Web Apps: Leverage Amazon WebView to develop apps and games. You have the option to build HTML5 web apps, Cordova apps using the Fire OS port, or HTML5 hybrid apps.

Android App Development for Fire Tablets

Android app development for fire tablets uses the same tools, IDEs, and APIs that you already use for Android development.

New App for Fire Tablet

If you are building an app from scratch, see these topics:

Port an Existing App to Fire Tablet

To port an existing Android app, review this list of special considerations for Fire tablet devices:

You also need to consider the APIs, services and features that your app currently uses. You may need to make changes for your app to meet the requirements of the Amazon Appstore. You can find details in Port Existing Android App to Fire OS.

HTML5 Web App Development for Fire Tablet

See the appropriate documentation, depending on the type of Web app that you are building:

To ensure that your Web app meets the Amazon Appstore requirements, review the documentation for Prepare Your App for Submission.

Amazon APIs for Your Fire Tablet App

When you build your Fire tablet app, you can also implement other Amazon APIs to provide a more robust experience:

To see additional APIs, browse the list of all APIs and SDKs available from Amazon.

How the Fire Tablet Documentation is Organized

The Fire tablet documentation is organized into the following topic groups:

  • Specifications - media, device, and UX specifications for the Fire tablet.
  • Get Started - create your first Android app for Fire tablet.
  • Implement Android Apps - special considerations for developing a Fire tablet app.
  • Testing - how to test your Android app for Fire tablet.
  • Implement Web Apps - how to develop a web app.
  • HTML5 Hybrid Apps - Building and Testing an HTML5 hybrid app for the Fire tablet.
  • Reference - Amazon Web App API Reference

Other documentation that is related to tablet app development:

Fire Tablet Forums

If you need help, have a question, or want to share other feedback, use the Fire Tablet category on the Amazon Developer Forum.

Last updated: May 31, 2023