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Test Without an Amazon Device (Fire Tablets)

If you don't have an Amazon device available to test your apps, you can create a virtual device with the same specifications as a Fire tablet or phone. The steps described here cannot be used to simulate the Fire TV.

Set Up a Virtual Amazon Device

To set up a virtual Amazon device, use the Android Virtual Device Manager, which comes bundled with the Android Studio IDE. To emulate an Amazon device, you must create a new device definition and a new virtual device, in Android Virtual Device Manager. For detailed information about Android Virtual Device Manager, see Managing Virtual Devices.

Create a New Device Definition

Use the following steps to create a new device definition:

  1. From Android Studio, select Tools > Device Manager to start the Android Virtual Device Manager.

  2. In the Virtual tab, click Create device.

  3. Click New Hardware Profile.

  4. Complete the fields in the Configure Hardware Profile dialog. See the table below for a description of the fields. To create a virtual device for a specific Fire Tablet, refer to the Fire tablets device specifications.

  5. Click Finish.

The Configure Hardware Profile dialog includes the following fields:

Field Value
Device Name Enter a descriptive name for the device.
Device Type Select Phone/Tablet.
Screen Enter the screen size and resolution for the tablet.
Memory Enter the memory size for the tablet.
Input Use the default values.
Supported device states Use the default values.
Cameras For most tablets, use the default values. Some earlier tablets do not include a rear-facing camera.
Sensors Set the Accelerometer checkbox. For most tablets, uncheck the remaining sensor types. Some earlier tablets include a gyroscope and compass.
Default Skin Use the default value.

Create a New Virtual Amazon Device

Use the following steps to create a new virtual Amazon device:

  1. Start Android Virtual Device Manager.

  2. Click Create Virtual Device.

  3. From the device definition table, select the your virtual Amazon device.

  4. Complete the remaining fields and click Finish to finish creating your virtual Amazon device.

For more information on Android Virtual Devices, see Managing Virtual Devices.

Last updated: Oct 29, 2020