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Hybrid App Frequently Asked Questions (Fire Tablets)

Q: What is Amazon WebView?
AWV is a transparent replacement for the standard Android WebView class. AWV is supported for Amazon Fire TV and 3rd generation and later Fire tablets.
Q: What are the benefits of Amazon WebView?
AWV uses a custom build of Chromium that has been hardware-optimized and GPU-accelerated specifically for Fire TV and Fire tablets. AWV for Fire TV and Fire tablets provides the following benefits:
  • Better video performance on TV devices(fluidity, power, memory, audio/video sync)
  • Faster, more efficient rendering, script performance, and memory management
  • Page rendering, layout, and painting improvements
Q: Is Amazon WebView available on other devices?
No, Amazon WebView is available for Fire TV and 3rd generation or later Fire tablets.
Q: What happens if I run my app on non-Fire devices?
Your app will use the standard Android WebView when running on non-Fire Android devices.
Q: Does the Silk browser use Amazon WebView?
No, while both the Silk browser and Amazon WebView use the Chromium-based web runtime, they are not identical. The components may not always support the same features and your apps may not behave in the same way in the embedded environment and in the Silk browser.

Last updated: Oct 29, 2020