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Fire Tablet FAQ

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to developing apps for Amazon Fire tablets.

General Questions

Q: How do I submit my app for Fire tablets?
To submit your app for Fire tablets, create an account on the developer portal and submit your app through the portal. See Submitting Your Apps.

If you already have an app published at Amazon, we will automatically review your app for Fire tablets.

Q: Will my app work on Fire tablets?
Your app must be compatible with each tablet’s specifications. See Device and Feature Specifications for detailed device and feature specifications.

Your app must comply with our content guidelines as described in Amazon Appstore Content Policy. We also recommend that you test your app on your own and submit an update if you discover any problems.

Q: Are Fire tablet test devices available for developers?
Amazon does not provide test devices for developers.

Fire tablets are available for purchase on Amazon retail sites. Check the product detail pages for availability in a specific country or region.

Note that many apps can be testing using a virtual Amazon device, as described in Testing without an Amazon Device.

Q: Can I get a discount on Fire tablets?
Q: My app uses Google’s in-app billing (IAB) technology. Will it work on Fire tablets?
No. Services such as Google’s in-app billing technology require access to Google Mobile Services, which do not work on Fire tablets. For in-app purchasing, Amazon offers an In-App Purchasing API that makes it easy for you to offer digital content and subscriptions in your apps.

For information about the Amazon services that you can use on Fire tablets instead of Google Mobile Services, see Port Existing Android App to Fire OS.

Q: What specific features do Fire tablets support?
See Device and Feature Specifications for detailed device and feature specifications.
Q: How do I get my app marketed on Fire tablets?
See Marketing Your App.
Q: How can I access additional Amazon digital services?
For more information, see the following links:
Q: How can I get more information about Fire tablets?
Please use the Contact Us form to send us your questions.

Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ Questions

Q: What is Amazon Kids?
Amazon Kids is a feature for parents and kids that is available for free on Fire tablets. Amazon Kids optimizes the Fire tablet's ease of use and vast selection for kids. With Amazon Kids, kids have access to books, movies, TV shows, apps, and games that their parents have pre-selected for them.

Amazon Kids gives each child a personalized experience by supporting up to four child profiles per Amazon account. In less than a minute, parents can create a child's profile, set a time limit, and select appropriate content based on age and interests.

When kids use Amazon Kids, only the content they are allowed to use is visible—nothing is crossed out or labeled as not allowed. This helps kids navigate their options and gives them an experience entirely their own.

Q: How do I participate in Amazon Kids?
As a developer, you don’t need to do anything to participate in Amazon Kids other than build great products. Parents will choose which apps to include in their children’s personalized experience.
Q: What is Amazon Kids+?
Amazon Kids + is a monthly subscription service that provides + access to kids' entertainment, including thousands of child-appropriate books, movies, apps, and games, audible, music, and more.
Q: How do I participate in Amazon Kids+?
The content included in Amazon Kids+ is curated. Amazon will reach out to you when we would like to include your apps in the subscription.

Last updated: May 31, 2023