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Developer Console

Submitting Apps to the Amazon Appstore

Follow these steps to publish your app in the Amazon Appstore. For information specific to the Amazon Appstore on Windows, see Target Windows Devices.

Publishing requirements

Publishing overview

The Developer Console provides tabs that you proceed through to enter information about your app:

App submission tabs

The following workflow map guides you through this process:

After you complete all the required information for a tab, the Developer Console displays a green checkmark Green checkmark icon for that tab. You will not be able to submit your app until all six tabs show green checkmarks.

For a broader overview of the app submission process, see Understanding Amazon Appstore Submission.

Additional configurations

Depending on your app's functionality, you may need to do some additional steps not listed in the above workflow:

  • In-app purchasing: If your app contains items available for in-app purchases (IAP), you must enter those on the In-App Items tab before submitting your app. See Create and Submit Single IAP items for instructions.
  • Security Profile: If your app uses Login with Amazon, or Amazon Device Messaging APIs, be prepared to associate your app with a security profile as part of the submission process. See Security Profile for more details.

Get started

Watch the video tutorial to get started.

For more details about submitting your app, go to the first step: Step 1: Log In and Add an App.

Last updated: Oct 18, 2022