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Get Setup for Entry Integration


The Just Walk Out technology by Amazon offers different mechanisms to identify and authenticate your shoppers. The following mechanisms are available as options for you to select from, you may select a single-entry mode or combine entry modes to enable a broader experience for your shoppers.

  • Credit Card – provided via standard credit card readers affixed to a gate
  • Application – provide a QR code feature in your application, where shoppers have previously registered
  • Badge – leverage the scan code on an employee badge
  • Palm – provided via Amazon One technology

If you elect to offer Application or Badge as entry options, you will need to establish and Identity connector to allow for integration with your authentication system.


  • Mobile application: in order to enable store entry using your company's mobile application you will need to enable the generation of QR code to allow the shopper to scan on the store gate. The QR code will need to follow the Amazon QR code spec available on the Merchant portal.

  • Integration with backend systems: you will need to lookup shoppers and validate the payment associated with the shopper in your backend systems when using a mobile app or badge entry, as well as confirm the shopper meets your authorization criteria.