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Amazon Developer Huddle

An exclusive insights community for app developers and content creators.

What is Amazon Developer Huddle?

The Amazon Developer Huddle is an exclusive community of developers and content creators set up to amplify their voices via engaging research activities. The feedback provided in this community will impact our product roadmap, with all feedback going directly to our product, engineering, marketing, and leadership teams.

The primary way members interact with this community is by completing activities a couple times a month. These activities will range from online surveys to invitations for one-on-one phone interviews.

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Influence the products

Your participation in the panel will directly influence products. All feedback collected is passed on to the team who can take action based on that feedback. 


Network with the community

As a member, you’ll be able to log in to the member hub and see new content we’ve shared and @ mention other members outside of your organization. Occasionally, we will open forums where you can discuss specific topics with other members. 


Meet with product leaders

Members will have the opportunity to participate in a webinar with product leaders each quarter.


Win prizes

Each month members can win prizes just for participating. Prizes will range from gift cards to devices.

How to join

Amazon Developer Huddle is currently an invite only community. If invited, you’ll receive the invitation via email or a phone call. Please go to the unique link provided to you to join. Invitations cannot be requested at this time. 

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