File Types for Alexa Conversations

After you set up the ASK CLI to use Alexa Conversations Description Language (ACDL), understand the directory structure of the language, and learn the basics about how to create and edit skills with ACDL, it's important to understand the file types that you use when you create an Alexa Conversations skill with ACDL.

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  • ACDL Files – ACDL files pull together various Alexa Conversations assets to define sample conversations between Alexa and the user. You express the sample conversations as annotated dialogs that link together the events and actions that you expect to occur in your skill.

  • ACIR Files – Alexa Conversations Intermediate Representation (ACIR) is the common representation of artifacts across all tooling related to Alexa Conversations. The ACDL compiler generates ACIR files from your ACDL files.

  • Interaction Model Files for Alexa Conversations – An interaction model file specifies the invocation name, intents, and types for your skill.

  • Response Prompt Files – Response prompt files contain the speech that Alexa says to the user as Alexa Presentation Language for Audio (APLA).

  • Skill Manifest File – The skill manifest contains all the metadata of your skill: supported interfaces, publishing information, and so on.

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2023