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Configure Unity App with Public Key

To establish a secure communication channel between the Amazon Appstore and your app, you must configure your app with a public key. This public key is unique for every app. When you generate the public key from the Developer Console, Amazon generates a corresponding private key. These public and private keys form a key pair to sign license responses. Through this key pairing, you ensure that the users who install your app are authorized.

To configure your existing app with the public key:

  1. Log into the Developer Console with your developer account.
  2. Go to Apps & Services > My Apps. Then click your app. (If you don't already have an app, see Log In and Add an App.)

  3. Create a new version of your app. In the area below your app's name, click Add Upcoming Version.

  4. Go to the APK Files tab.

  5. Click Public Key in the upper-right area.

    Public Key
    Public Key
  6. In the Public Key dialog box that appears, click the AppstoreAuthenticationKey.pem link to download a PEM file. This file contains your public key.

    PEM file link
    PEM file link
  7. In the Assets folder of your project, create a new folder named as StreamingAssets.

  8. Copy the AppstoreAuthenticationKey.pem file you downloaded, and paste it in your Assets/StreamingAssets folder.

Last updated: Jan 15, 2022