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Appstore SDK Overview

The Appstore SDK provides functionality for handling Digital Rights Management (DRM), In-App Purchasing (IAP), and Simple Sign-in (SSI) within your Java Android apps. The Appstore SDK supports apps targeting Fire TV, Fire tablets, and third-party devices where Amazon apps can be installed.

Functionality provided through the Appstore SDK

The following table lists the current functionality provided by the Appstore SDK.

Functionality Description
Digital Rights Management (DRM) DRM, or more generally "license verification," is used to address developer concerns around unauthorized copying and distribution of apps. DRM is mostly used for paid apps. If your app has Amazon DRM applied to it, users must install the Amazon Appstore client (built-in to Fire devices) and they must be signed-in to access your app. The DRM methods you integrate into your app checks with the Amazon Appstore device service to see whether the user has a valid license for your app. If the user does not sign in or does not have a valid license, the app does not run. However, any user can gain a license by purchasing the app through Amazon. For more information, see DRM for Android. You can also explore the DRM Sample App.
In-App Purchasing (IAP) With In-App Purchasing (IAP), users can purchase digital items within your app, such as extra lives for a game, in-app items for users to enhance their gaming experience (currency, extra moves, lives, bonus levels, mini-games, and so on). Or your app might offer a premium subscription with access to special content. IAP handles details about purchase flow, payment processing, app receipts, and rights management so that you do not have to code this purchasing infrastructure in your app. For more information, see In-App Purchasing Overview.
Simple Sign-in (SSI) Simple Sign-in (SSI) simplifies the sign-in experience for your apps on Fire OS devices by eliminating the need for customers to manually type their login credentials to sign in to your apps on multiple devices. Simple Sign-in allows customers to sign in to an app on a device through a single click, with an account they already use on existing devices. For more information, see Understanding Simple Sign-in.

Minimum device requirements to support Appstore SDK

The Appstore SDK requires devices to have at least Android API Level 14 or higher.

Download the Appstore SDK

Download the Amazon Appstore SDK from the SDK Downloads page.

Transitioning to the Appstore SDK

If you previously used the IAP SDK v2.0 and are transitioning to the Appstore SDK, see Transitioning from IAP v2.0 to the Appstore SDK in the IAP documentation.

Integrate the Appstore SDK

To get started with the Appstore SDK, see Integrate the Appstore SDK.

Last updated: Mar 15, 2024