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Get Shopper

The GetShopper API at /v1/identity/shopper supports assisted shopping by allowing the company associates to resolve a shopper's identity based on their Scan Key Code. Once the associate has validated the shopper’s identity, they can add items to their cart or return items for the shopper

Note: In the future, new attributes might be added. We recommend that you structure your code so that it can handle new attributes gracefully



POST /v1/identity/shopper

Body parameter

  "requestId": "string",
  "shopperKey": "string",
  "shopperKeyType": "QR_CODE",
  "storeId": "string",
  "timestamp": "2024-02-16T12:01:25Z"
Data Field Required Description
requestId Required [0-9a-fA-F]{8}\-[0-9a-fA-F]{4}\-[0-9a-fA-F]{4}\-[0-9a-fA-F]{4}\-[0-9a-fA-F]. The requestId field holds a unique identifier (UUID) that Amazon generates each time a request is made to the company Connector
shopperKey Required <= 1000 characters The identityKey stores a UUID in the id field used by the shopper to identify themself at the beginning of their shopping trip. The identityKey string is Base64 encoded. The Company needs to decode the identityKey before it attempts to perform any validation logic
storeId Required string <= 255 characters. The storeId field contains the store identifier that Amazon assigned to you during your onboarding process. If you have multiple stores, each store will have a unique identifier. You use this field to identify in which one of your store locations a shopper is requesting identity
shopperKeyType Optional Enum: "QR_CODE" "PHONE_NUMBER" The shopperKeyType field determines the type of identityKey a shopper is using. The types of shopper identifiers that a merchant's Identity Connector needs to support depend on the shopper experience being supported. For example, if a merchant exclusively supports a shopper signing in to a Dash Cart in the store using their loyalty account's phone number, the merchant's Identity Connector does not need to support requests using the QR_CODE identity type. QR_CODE is the default value in case this field is not present. If this value is QR_CODE, the value of identityKey may be any string. If this value is PHONE_NUMBER, the value of identityKey should be an E.123 international notation number, e.g. +1 617 555 1234
timestamp Required The authEvent.timestamp stores the date and time the authEvent occurred in UTC format

Example responses

> 200 Response

Example responses

  "shopperId": "string"
Data Field Required Description
shopperId Required <= 255 characters.The shopperId is a UUID used to identify the shopper in the Company identity store

Get Shopper example responses

Status Meaning Description
201 OK Successful response
400 Bad Request You will receive a 400 error message when the API call fails due to a validation error.
429 Too Many Requests You will receive a 429 error message when the API is called too many times. When you receive a 429 error due to multiple calls to the API you will receive the following response. errorMsg: Too Many Requests
500 Internal Server Error You will receive a 500 error message when the API call fails due to an error.