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Shopper Entry Experience

A shopper can enter a JWO store via a variety of entry affordances; credit card, mobile application QR code, palm scan or badge scan.

In all cases there is a payment mechanism associated with the shopper that allows you to authenticate the shopper, ensure there is a means to collect payment, which provides you with the information to authorize a shopper to enter the store.

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Amazon offers several services to aid in presenting a solution which best meets your desired shopper experience and store risk profile. The options for authentication and risk management are identified below.


The authentication process allows you to ensure the mechanism the shopper is valid before allowing them to enter the store.

Amazon managed

  • Credit card entry
  • Palm scan via Amazon One

Retailer managed

Allow Amazon to pass the information from your application to identify the shopper and/or associate

  • Mobile Application: Shopper uses their mobile device to scan a QR code generated using a mobile app
  • Badge Scan: Shopper scans their employee badge. Supported credential types can be found here


When shopper’s enter your store, you want to validate that the payment mechanism they are using is valid, and in some cases they do not have any outstanding balances with your store. Amazon offers three different management strategies to aid you in decision making for shopper store entry decisions.

  • Amazon Managed - Amazon utilizes a set of machine learning algorithms to determine the risk level of a shopper and determines the gate decision for a shopper entry
  • Amazon Recommendation - allow Amazon to pass the information they may have on the risk of the shopper’s payment mechanism to allow you the option of adding in additional business logic (bad debt lookup, outstanding balance) to determine gate decision for shopper entry
  • Retailer Managed - Amazon passes the shopper token provided from your mobile application or badge to your systems to allow you to perform validation checks prior to