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Prepare App Testers

Here you can learn how to prepare your app testers for Live App Testing (LAT). App testers can download your test app on their devices and perform user tests.

Testers receive notifications to perform app testing through an email invitation and a push notification to their device. To learn how to download the test app and start app testing, use the following steps.

Enable tester notifications for LAT

In order to receive email or push notifications to test apps, you need to enable promotional emails from the Amazon Appstore. Make sure each tester has enabled email notifications. To be eligible for push notifications, testers need to use the same email that is registered to the devices they will use for testing. Have your testers follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Your Account > Communication and content > Communication preferences.
  3. Go to Email Preferences section and expand Promotional Emails.
  4. Make sure Amazon Appstore is selected in this list of promotional emails.
  5. Select Update to save changes.

Tester opt-in for LAT emails

When testers first receive their email invitations, they have an option to unsubscribe from LAT communications. Testers who unsubscribe will not receive LAT invites through emails or push notifications. If after unsubscribing, a tester decides they would like to continue receiving LAT invitations, you can share the opt-in link with them. The opt-in link takes them to a web page where they can resubscribe to LAT emails. To get the opt-in link, go to the Tester Management screen, select View all testers, and then click Copy opt-in link.

All testers screen. Warning: Some testers may have opted out of receiving invites. If they wish to receive future invites, share the opt-in link with them. Copy opt-in link
Opt-in link

Test an app from an email invitation

Your testers will receive an email that contains a link to your app's test page with instructions on how to download and install your app on Fire and Android devices.

Testers need to perform the following steps to test your app from an email notification.

  1. Click the link for the marketplace that you will be testing:

    To get started first pick your marketplace by selecting the appropriate link in the email
    LAT invitation email

    The link will open the retail page for the app in the specified marketplace.

  2. On the app retail page, if the tester has logged into the Amazon Appstore on a supported device, they will see a Get App button with a list of compatible devices.

    The app retail page with a Get App button
    App retail page

    If the tester hasn't logged into Amazon Appstore on a device yet, or if a particular device is not available in the tester's current marketplace, that device will not appear. If none of the devices that your app targets are available in a given marketplace, the Get App button will be replaced with a Continue button on the app's retail page:

    Continue button on the app retail page
    Device not available
  3. After selecting Get App, the tester is provided with instructions on how to install the app. Testers can test on as many devices as they have associated with their Amazon account that your app targets.

Test an app from a push notification

In addition to the email notification, testers can receive a push notification on their Fire tablets, Fire TVs, and Android devices. Testers are eligible to receive push notifications for LAT if the device is registered to the account used for LAT test email notifications.

When you receive a push notification, tap or select the notification on the device. Testers are directed to the app's test page on the Amazon Appstore, where they can download the app and perform user tests.

Last updated: Oct 12, 2023