Developer Console

Manage Your Test

After you have finished testing, you can either end your test, or promote your test app to an upcoming version.  By promoting your app to an upcoming version, you can make finishing touches such as uploading final screenshots or metadata before going live.

Tests that have ended appear on the Live App Testing dashboard under the Past Tests section.

Past Tests table with the columns: Test, Start Date, End Date, and Status
Past Tests

Test new versions of published apps

You can test new versions of published apps by selecting your app in the Amazon Developer Console and clicking Live App Testing. The first time you create a test version of a published app, binary files and metadata are copied from the live version to create the test version.

If necessary, binary files and metadata can then be modified for the test. When you set up a subsequent test, you have the option to copy the binary files and metadata from the current or upcoming version of your app, or copy from the most recently ended test version of the app.

Submit your app directly from Live App Testing

When you are satisfied with your app testing results, you can directly submit your app to be published to the Amazon Appstore. To directly submit your app:

  1. Navigate to your Live App Testing Dashboard page.
  2. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Promote to Upcoming.

You will be required to complete any missing metadata for your app, but you will not need to re-upload your binary file . Amazon will email you when your app is live on the Amazon Appstore.

Last updated: Oct 12, 2023