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Appstore on Windows FAQs

This page contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11.

Target Windows devices

Q: How can I target Windows 11 devices?
Sign in to the Developer Console and follow the procedure in Submit apps for Windows devices.
Q: Are Windows 11 devices targeted by default?
No. If you want to target Windows devices, you must toggle on support for Windows 11 devices on the Supported devices screen, as it is toggled off by default.
Q: Can my mobile web app target Windows 11 devices?
No. To target Windows 11 devices, you must submit an Android app. Mobile web apps cannot target non-Amazon Android devices or Windows Subsystem for Android.
Q: In which countries is Amazon Appstore on Windows available?
For a list of countries and regions where Amazon Appstore on Windows is available, see Countries and regions that support Amazon Appstore on Windows in Microsoft's documentation.

Requirements, compatibility, and testing

Q: Is there a size limit for apps submitted to the Amazon Appstore?
Uploaded Android binary files (AAB or APK) can be up to 2.5GB in size. However, the Amazon Appstore recommends that you deploy smaller apps that download and install quickly.
Q: What if my app is designed for portrait mode and cannot be adapted to a landscape aspect ratio?
Your app will continue to work as expected in portrait mode. Windows 11 allows resizing of your app's window without losing the app's aspect ratio.
Q: Do I need to support a physical keyboard?
It depends on your app. If your app cannot function properly without a keyboard on Windows, you must add keyboard support. Without keyboard support, your app won't be published on Windows 11. If your app maintains all functionality without a keyboard, adding keyboard support might not be required. To enable keyboard support for your app, see Input controls in the Windows compatibility guide.
Q: Do I need to add mouse input support?
By default, Windows Subsystem for Android converts a left mouse click to a virtual touch event when sending events to an app. This is done to enable compatibility of most apps built for touchscreen that don't handle mouse clicks. For other mouse actions, such as right click, drag and drop, and mouse wheel actions, you must update your code to handle the specific inputs. Learn to handle mouse inputs by following the Android developer guides:
Q: Can I conduct Live App Testing for Windows 11?
Yes, Live App Testing (LAT) is available in all countries where the Amazon Appstore is available on Windows 11.

App submission

Q: How will I know if my app isn't approved for Windows 11 devices?
To review the status of your app submission, go to the App Status screen in the Developer Console for your app.
Q: How long does it take for the Amazon Appstore to review and share details about the status of my app submission?
After your app is submitted, you can expect to receive an update on its status within five business days. The Amazon Appstore will notify you if it will take longer than five days. You can also check on the status of your app at any time on the App Status screen in the Developer Console.
Q: How can I ensure that the app I submit will be approved for Windows 11 on the Amazon Appstore?
For apps targeting Windows 11 devices, the Amazon Appstore highly recommends following the pre-submission checklist and Windows compatibility best practices.

Last updated: Mar 05, 2024