Developer Console

Additional Distribution Policies

Our Program allows customers to purchase, download, access, and use Apps (Program and Apps, each as defined in the Amazon Developer Services Agreement). The policies on this page apply to our distribution of your Apps via the Program.

  • App Discoverability. Customers can find and discover your Apps in multiple ways. For example, customers can input search queries and receive results in our stores, shop by category, browse by common attributes, or discover content in rows, highlights, and promotional placements when these features form part of our stores. We take into account a variety of factors when selecting Apps for those features, including how close the query is to the App name and developer-provided metadata, popularity of the content (such as ratings, reviews, and engagement metrics), customer activity and personalization (such as including a recently-opened app in a “Recents” highlight), price, alignment with our marketing and strategic goals (such as highlighting a sports App in advance of a popular televised sporting event or running a special promotion for a gaming App), and our commercial interests and contractual commitments (such as contractually agreeing to feature an App within a promotional placement). We may feature Apps as well as Amazon’s own services, and in some cases we may prioritize Amazon’s services. For example, in promotional placements, certain Amazon content may be featured more frequently than developer App content.

    For better visibility in our Program, you should provide complete, relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information about your Apps, and integrate with the features and functionality we make available that allow customers to more easily discover content. For example, developers of eligible apps can integrate their app’s content catalogue information to allow customers to find titles outside of their app, and can integrate voice functionality to allow customers to find and play content, and control playback by voice. See our Developer Portal for details.

    You may also participate in our advertising programs to help customers discover your products and services. For example, ads may be displayed within our stores, such as on sponsored rows or tiles, and on Amazon websites and applications. See our Developer Portal for details.

  • Access to Data. Amazon uses information provided to us by App developers, provided to us by our customers, and about our Program in various ways.

    We recognize that you trust Amazon with information about your business. We use non-public, developer-specific information to support you, operate the Program, and protect our customers’ experience. For example, we may use your contact and payment information to tell you about new features relevant to you, to pay you royalties from our sale of your App, and to identify developers that may be violating our policies. We may use your App-specific sales and engagement data to support you, provide and improve Amazon products and services, enhance our customers’ experience, monitor and track performance, and market and advertise to our customers. For example, we use App engagement data to measure the relative performance of Apps in our Program and make more relevant recommendations to our customers.

    We share non-public developer-specific information as described here and in accordance with our agreements with developers; we may share information with our third party service providers who perform functions related to the Program, with a third party if you participate in a transaction with that third party in connection with the Program, as a transferred business asset in the unlikely event of a business sale or acquisition, or to protect Amazon and others (such as if appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our agreements, or protect the rights, property, or safety of Amazon, our customers, or others). We may retain developer-specific and App-specific information after your App is withdrawn from our Program.

    Amazon treats customer personal information in line with our applicable Privacy Notice. We design our products and services to limit the amount of personally identifiable information that may be shared, and to share that information in a way that is transparent to our customers. You may collect customer and App usage data directly from your Apps, as long as you do so in compliance with the privacy and other requirements of our Program.

    Amazon maintains a Developer Portal, where you can access materials, reports, and tools that track the performance and engagement of your Apps made available in our Program. In our Developer Portal, we also share information about new features and offerings available to you, as well as industry trends and best practices that you can use to improve engagement for your Apps.

  • Questions and Complaints. If you have questions or concerns related to the rejection of your App submission, the suspension of your App, or the termination of your developer account, you may contact us through the developer support channel here. If your registered place of business is in the European Union or the United Kingdom, and we are unable to resolve those concerns, you may be eligible for mediation. If you are eligible, mediation is provided by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), who will appoint a mediator from its panel of mediators.