Developer Console

Web Player Requirements (VSK Echo Show)

The video skill's web player opens in a web browser and supports the following codecs, formats, and standards:

Video requirements:

  • MP4 H.264
  • Widevine DRM Level 1
  • Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
  • Media Source Extensions (MSE)

Audio requirements:

  • MP4 with AAC
  • WebM with Vorbis
  • WebM with Opus
  • AAC-LC is supported, but AAC-SBR is not. Media should follow the audio specifications defined for chromium to ensure proper playback. More information on chromium can be found in Audio/Video in the Chromium Projects site.

Image Asset Requirements

Background Image

  • Aspect ratio: 16/9, +/- 0.05
  • Minimum size: 512px wide x 288px high
  • Maximum size: 1280px wide x 720px high

The Background image appears on Video Home screen (say "Alexa, go to Video Home" to view this screen). Video Home shows the various video skills represented by Background images.

Logo Image

  • Minimum size: 48px wide x 48px high
  • Maximum size: 200px wide x 200px high

The Logo image appears in the upper-right corner on search and browse templates (say "Alexa, Open Prime Video" to open the category template). Consider using a transparent background in your Logo image.

Next Steps

See Video Skills for Echo Show Supported Countries.

Last updated: Oct 29, 2020