Developer Console

Troubleshooting for Cloudside Integrations (VSK Fire TV)

This section lists common errors and ways to fix them. If you run your app on Fire TV and open Logcat in Android Studio, you can see the reasons why apps fail to install or run on Fire TV. You might need to filter on Error to more easily see these messages.

Alexa isn't getting results from your skill

If Alexa responds with 'Getting ** from *Fire TV*' (rather than from your skill name, e.g., Streamz), your device isn't linked properly to your video skill. De-register your device and set it up again with your developer account.

Unable to start application - API key errors

If you see Invalid API Key or Unable to decode APIKey... in Logcat, Android isn't signing the app with the customized debug key that you configured in Step 5: Sign Your App and Configure a Security Profile.

The API key might be valid, but Android Studio might not be signing your app with the right signing configuration. Check that your Java keystore (.jks) details were specified in debug signing config. Also, check that the API Key was created using signatures from .jks, which was used to sign your application.

Certificate fingerprint error

If you see APIKeyDecoder: Failed to decode: Decoding failed: certificate fingerprint can't be verified!, the issue is with the fingerprint certifications in the security profile. Make sure your security profile is associated with your app's package name. See Step 5: Sign Your App and Configure a Security Profile.

Unable to add skill for another developer or tester

You can add another developer or tester to your Fire TV skill by adding them as a developer in Settings > User Permissions in the developer console.

Alexa says "Sorry, something went wrong"

This could refer to a number of errors, including invalid Lambda code. If you recently made a change to your Lambda code, revert to an earlier version to see if it resolves this message.

Alexa doesn't respond properly to transport controls

If you you're testing your app with transport control utterances, such as Pause, Fast-forward, etc., and Alexa says, "Sorry, I don't know that one," you might need an Amazon engineer to investigate potential issues using internal tools to investigate Alexa in the cloud. For example, the Video Speechlet might be rejecting your transport control requests because it doesn't detect that the requests are initiated from a media player or other video client. This isn't an issue you can fix on your own.

When building the sample app project, you receive an error that says "Given final block not properly padded"

This could be due to a mismatch of signing keys configured in the "build.gradle (Module: app)" file. Try removing the signingConfigs block and then rebuild your project. Reconfigure your signing keys as well as per the instructions in Step 5: Sign Your App and Configure a Security Profile and click the prompts to resync your Gradle file with your project.

Alexa is not able to start application by voice

During development, your Fire TV application should be manually started (launch your app before saying utterances) to be able to receive Alexa directives. After you push your app to Live App Testing and field engineers map your ASIN to your app's package name, then you can explicitly target your app's name in utterances.

Lambda error - device not found/null response

Make sure you use the correct Client ID and Client Secret in your Lambda function.

Discovery Event error 500

If you get a response code 500 or see "Internal service exception," make sure you're using the correct Skill ID in your application. Another cause might be that another developer is starting your application without being added as developer to your skill.

Alexa commands do not perform any actions

Check that directives are sent to your Lambda. Go to CloudWatch in AWS. Select Logs in the left side menu and click on Lambda log group. Check if there are entries containing INFO Event. If there are no such entries, check that you added Lambda function in skill endpoint and added a skill trigger to your Lambda. Also, check for errors in responses.