Alexa Conversations Description Language FAQ

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) are common questions about creating and editing Alexa Conversations skills by using the Alexa Conversations Description Language (ACDL).


Q: Can I create an Alexa Conversations skill by using the ASK CLI and then edit the Alexa Conversations artifacts by using the developer console, and vice versa?
Not currently. The interoperation between the developer console and the Alexa Skills Kit Command-Line Interface (ASK CLI) is a work in progress. However, you can use the developer console to test the skill and submit it for certification.
Q: Can I convert an existing skill to ACDL?
Yes. You can export an Alexa Conversations skill from the developer console so that you can work with the skill in ACDL. However, after you deploy the skill by using the ASK CLI, you can no longer edit the Alexa Conversations skill artifacts by using the developer console. For instructions on how to convert an existing skill to ACDL, see Tutorial: Convert an Alexa Conversations Skill to Alexa Conversations Description Language (ACDL).
Q: Can I migrate an intent-based skill to Alexa Conversations by using ACDL?
Currently, use ACDL only for building skills from scratch rather than attempting to migrate an intent-based skill.


Q: What's the difference between request acts, response acts, and dialog acts?
They are similar concepts. The developer console user interface uses dialog acts to represent additional semantics for both user requests and skill responses. ACDL differentiates between request acts and response acts. For a cross-reference between individual request acts, response acts, and dialog acts, see Cross reference between response acts and dialog acts and Cross reference between request acts and dialog acts.

Last updated: May 07, 2021