Developer Console

FAQs for IAP Batch Submission

  1. How do I create or update IAP items using the Developer Console?

    From the In-App Items tab of your app detail page, click the Add new IAP button to create an IAP item. To create or update multiple IAP items, click the Import Multiple IAPs using CSV button, and import a CSV file using the formats defined in the CSV template file.

  2. Can I submit a batch of subscription items using a CSV file?

    You can batch submit Consumables and Entitlements using a CSV file, but not Subscription items.

  3. What tool should I use for creating or editing CSV files.

    Use a Unicode text editor (to support the UTF-8 character set) for editing your CSV files. A tool such as Microsoft Excel displays CSV files in a readable format, but may corrupt the CSV file if you are not very careful. For example, Excel may reformat date fields and currency fields, and may convert special characters into invalid characters.

    We recommend that you use Google Sheets to view and edit your CSV files.

    See Configuring UTF-8 for Excel for instructions on how to configure UTF-8 encoding for Excel and other tools.

  4. After I submit a batch of IAPs, how soon does the system display the new and changed IAP items?

    Expect a delay of several minutes before the Developer Portal displays the new IAPs and updates the total IAP count (the delay depends on the number of IAPs submitted).

  5. What are the In-app item status values?

    When you add a single IAP using the GUI, the IAP progresses through the following states: Incomplete -> Ready to Submit -> Submitted -> In Review -> Approved -> Live

    Note: In extremely rare cases, an IAP can be in Pending state instead of Approved.

    When you submit a batch of IAP items, the IAPs progress directly to Submitted state.

  6. In which states can an IAP be updated?

    An IAP item can be updated when the IAP state is Incomplete, Ready to Submit, or Live.
    An IAP item cannot be updated when the IAP state is Submitted, In Review, or Approved.

  7. When I submit multiple IAP items, what happens if I check the Overwrite checkbox in the Upload CSV dialog?

    The Overwrite option is applicable when an entry in the CSV file has a matching Product ID to an entry in the existing IAP list for the app. If the Overwrite option is set, the system will update the existing in-app item with the values from the matching entry in the CSV file.

    If the Overwrite option is not set, the existing IAP item is not updated (the system ignores the entry in the CSV file).

  8. If Overwrite is set, does that enable updating IAP in any state?

    No. We will support IAP update only in eligible states as described in FAQ 6.

  9. What if a developer uploads a file with Overwrite set, when some IAPs are in ineligible states?

    If the developer tries to update an existing IAP in an ineligible state (and overwrite is ON), the error.csv file will include an error message corresponding to that row: “Error: IAP is getting published. You can update once it is Live”.

  10. What if a developer uploads a file with Overwrite not set, when some IAPs are in ineligible states?

    This is a non-issue, as those rows will be ignored.

Last updated: Nov 01, 2021