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In-App Purchasing Release Notes

Release and documentation updates. Bookmark this page to keep in touch with new and changing in-app purchasing (IAP) features, docs, and additional resources for developers.

Date Description
January 24, 2023 Documentation Update: Added frequently asked questions (FAQs) about free trials and Amazon Coins.
November 17, 2022

Appstore SDK Compatible With Google Play Billing API: Beta release of Appstore SDK version 4.0.0. This is an alternative version of the Appstore SDK compatible with the Google Play Billing API. If you have an existing Android app that is already integrated with the Google Play Billing Library, this Appstore SDK allows you to port your app to the Amazon Appstore with minimal changes.

If your app is already integrated with the Appstore SDK v3.03 and don't plan to use this feature, you do not need to update your SDK at this time. For differences between the SDK versions, see Feature comparison.

Download | Documentation

September 20, 2022 Documentation Update: Updated Android manifest examples for IAP and DRM to support Android 12 and higher.
June 30, 2022 Promotional pricing feature added.
  • Developer Console: Developers can choose to target certain customer segments for promotional pricing and configure the start and end dates for the promotional pricing plans. Documentation.
  • Appstore SDK: Version 3.0.3 released. In the getProductData call, developers can get the promotion details if a customer is eligible for promotions. Documentation.
  • Receipt Verification Service: Developers can get the promotion status for a given receipt. Documentation.
  • Sales reports: Developers can see the promotional orders with the reason the promotion was applied to the customer. Documentation.
May 23, 2022 Appstore SDK: Improvements on the IAP sample apps included with the Appstore SDK. IAP sample apps now work out-of-box without requiring changes from developers. The project structure of the sample apps has been changed for Android studio compatibility. The file has been updated so that SKU unavailability can be set at the marketplace level. Fixed typos and comments in sample app source code.

Sample apps affected: SampleIAPConsumablesApp, SampleIAPEntitlementsApp, and SampleIAPSubscriptionsApp.

Download the latest Appstore SDK to get the sample apps.
November 1, 2021 In-app purchasing now supports the Mexico marketplace (
October 18, 2021 Appstore SDK: The Appstore SDK provides functionality for handling Digital Rights Management (DRM) and In-App Purchasing (IAP) within your Java Android apps. The Appstore SDK supports apps targeting Fire TV, Fire tablets, and third-party devices where Amazon apps can be installed.

The Appstore SDK will replace the previous SDK, IAP v2.0. Use the Appstore SDK for any new apps you submit to the Amazon Appstore. You can continue using IAP v2.0 for any existing apps, or transition them to the new Appstore SDK.

Learn more about the Appstore SDK in the documentation:
Transition | Integrate | Download
July 15, 2021 Real-Time Notifications: Real-Time Notifications is now available for In-App Purchasing. Real-Time Notifications (RTN) are server-to-server push notifications that provide comprehensive data about in-app purchases in real time. For additional information, see Overview of Real-Time Notifications.
March 30, 2021 Receipt Verification Service: Amazon no longer supports RVS Sandbox. The RVS Sandbox feature has been replaced by RVS Cloud Sandbox. The IAP SDK for Android has been updated to remove deprecated RVS Sandbox binaries.
March 1, 2021 Receipt Verification Service: In-App Purchasing released a new version of the RVS sandbox environment, RVS Cloud Sandbox. This environment will replace the existing sandbox environment, RVS Sandbox. Beginning March 30, 2021, we will no longer support RVS Sandbox.
December 2, 2020 Receipt Verification Service: New data field cancelReason added for RVS. For additional information, see Receipt Verification for IAP Apps.
September 21, 2020 Receipt Verification Service: The data field isFreeTrial is now freeTrialEndDate. freeTrialEndDate provides the end date of a subscription's free trial period. For additional information, see Receipt Verification for IAP Apps.
September 14, 2020 Receipt Verification Service: New data fields added for RVS: autoRenewing, gracePeriodEndDate, and isFreeTrial. For additional information, see Receipt Verification for IAP Apps.
August 24, 2020 Correction: Previously, the manifest code sample in the IAP SDK integration documentation had an error with the permissions for the ResponseReceiver. (The permission attribute was applied to the action node instead of the receiver node.) This was corrected in the documentation, Javadoc, and example apps. See ResponseReceiver for more details.
June 8, 2020 New and improved Developer Console layout and workflow for IAP.
October 1, 2017 IAP Submission: Submit a batch of IAP items at the same time, using a CSV file to upload new and updated IAP items. For additional information, see IAP Batch Submission
September 1, 2016 IAP SDK: Products returned by the getProductData API now include a Coins reward amount, an optional field that surfaces the amount of Amazon Coins a customer will be rewarded after purchasing that product.

Last updated: Jan 25, 2023