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Freewheel Ads Component

 IV: Add Components for More Functionality

You can implement FreeWheel video ads in the app you build with Fire App Builder. To learn more about Freewheel, see Both preroll and midroll ads are supported in Fire App Builder.

The User Experience

Before media begins to play on a Content Renderer screen, the Freewheel video ads play.

FreeWheel Ads display. (This screenshot shows the filler ads track.)

After the video ads end, the media that the user selected starts playing.

Configure Freewheel

  1. Load the Freewheel component into your app. See Add or Remove a Component for details about how to load a component into your app.

  2. Remove any other ads components that are loaded in your app (such as VastAdsComponent or PassThroughAdsComponent). See Add or Remove a Component for details.

  3. Go to FreeWheelAdsComponent > java > and open the file.

  4. Customize the values for the following four strings:

     * FreeWheel server url.
    private String mAdUrl = "";
     * FreeWheel network id.
    private int mNetworkId = 90750;
     * FreeWheel profile.
    private String mProfile = "3pqa_android";
     * FreeWheel site section.
    private String mSiteSectionId = "3pqa_section_nocbp";

You get these values through your FreeWheel account.

Note about Brightcove and Freewheel Integration

If you're using the Brightcove platform for your videos, along with Freewheel ad integration with Brightcove, note that Fire App Builder actually separates these two piece of functionality into different components. To implement Brightcove/Freewheel in Fire App Builder, you would enable the BrightCoveMediaPlayerComponent and also enable the FreewheelAdsComponent.

Additionally, you would configure each component separately as well. This separation of Brightcove from Freewheel allows users who might only use one of the components (for example, Brightcove + VAST ads instead of Freewheel) to leverage these components.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2018