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Mix Free Content with Login-Required Content

If your content requires login but you want to provide some free content too — free content that doesn't require login — you can do so. For example, suppose you use Adobe Pass to require users to log in to view your app's content. For users without access, you might want to provide some free content, which doesn't require login, as a teaser to subscribe. The free content can help the customers evaluate your content before deciding whether to subscribe.

For the category you identify as free, users see this category on the Home screen where they can view the content without logging in. The title of the category is the same title as indicated in your media feed.

Configure Free Content in Your App

First, you will add a contentType property in your feed for categories that contain free items. Then you'll adjust your categories recipe in Fire App Builder to identify that property in your feed.

  1. In Android Studio, open up your category recipe (inside app > assets > recipes).
  2. Add "contentType": "contentType@contentType", as a new property, like this:

      "cooker": "DynamicParser",
      "format": "json",
      "model": "",
      "translator": "ContentContainerTranslator",
      "modelType": "array",
      "query": "$.containers[?(@.type == 'awe.Container')]",
      "matchList": [
      "contentType": "contentType@contentType",
      "keyDataType": "container/assets@keyDataPath"
  3. In your media feed, put all your free content inside a unique category (for example, inside your "Free" category). The name of the category will appear as the row name on the Fire TV home screen.

  4. In the Free container (or whatever you've called it) in your media feed, add this property: "contentType": "free".

    For example, assuming your category is called Free, the inserted property might look like this:

     "Free": [{
       "type": "movie",
       "mediaId": "123456",
       "date": "1517122599",
       "contentType": "free",
       "assets": [{
           "contentId": "349",
           "title": "Awesome Show",
           "description": "Watch this awesome show for free."
           "contentId": "350",
           "title": "Another Show You Can Watch",
           "description": "Here's another show you can watch for free."

By adding "contentType": "free" as a property of the Free category, all items contained by this category will appear as free in Fire App Builder. On your app's Home screen, the Free category will appear to users in a row that says "Free."