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Introduction to Content Personalization

Through Content Personalization, Amazon Fire TV will provide a personalized experience to customers and showcase more relevant content from your apps. This document provides an overview of the Content Personalization API and explains the data requirements for the Content Personalization feature.

Customer experience improvements

Sharing customer activity with Fire TV through the Content Personalization API enables customers to discover more personalized movies and TV shows. By providing information on watch activity, watchlist additions, DVR recordings, and purchases, Fire TV is able to help the customer more easily resume in-progress content, and make more accurate recommendations for new movies and TV shows.

Below are a few examples of these features.

Continue Watching

Based on a customer’s watch history, the Continue Watching row shows in-progress movies and TV shows as well as new episodes of a previously completed series.

Continue Watching row
Continue Watching row

Video Recommendations

In the future, in rows such as Next Up For You, Fire TV provides recommendations of movies and TV shows for the customers to watch across different streaming apps. These recommendation rows use the shared customer watch history to make more accurate predictions for what content the customer may enjoy.

Next Up for You row
Next Up for You row

Customer opt-in

Customers choose whether they want to opt in or out of the sharing of viewing and content information through the Content Personalization API.

Has the customer opted in? Result
Yes Customer experience will be personalized through the Content Personalization API.
No Customer experience will not be personalized through the Content Personalization API.

Data requested

The Content Personalization API requires the following data types to enable the content personalization features.

Data Type Description Examples of how this data may be used
Watch Activity Playback of content by the customer. Fire TV uses this data to give customers an easy way back into the content they were watching in your apps. We may also use this data in recommendation carousels, like Next Up For You.
Individual Entitlements Purchases, rentals, and recordings that are not part of a subscription entitlement. Fire TV may use subscription entitlement information to determine correct entitlements for row creation and update the detail page with the correct providers. Also, purchases, rentals, and DVR recordings may be added to the My Stuff page.
Watchlist Additions and removals of content from the customer’s watchlist. We may include Watchlist items in the My Stuff page.

See Data Type Reference for a complete breakdown of data requested.

Next Steps

Now that you've been introduced to the features, you can Get Started with the Fire TV Integration SDK. Once you've completed the steps on this page, take a look at the various data types used in the Content Personalization APIs, starting with Watch Activity.

If the data is not accessible or needs to be transformed, this integration could take longer. You can confirm that your data is stored in the requested format using the Data Types.

Last updated: Feb 22, 2024