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Introduction to Linear Television

Fire TV content can be explored through browsing, voice control, or searching. Linear Television (the focus of this page) is one prominent and easily discoverable type of content available. Through this integration, Linear TV content can be promoted throughout Fire TV, encouraging users to engage with your app.

Before you start

In order to implement this integration, you must already have an application with Linear TV content. Amazon does not build channels or assemble schedules.

Important definitions

  • Linear TV - Programs that can be viewed according to a set schedule, much like traditional TV.
  • Video on Demand (VOD) - You can watch these at your convenience.
  • Live streaming events - These are events that are taking place as you watch them. Sports often falls into this category. These events may be recorded and be watched later as well.


  • Linear vs Video on Demand (VOD) - How you watch content. Whereas Linear TV is watched according to a schedule (posted ahead of time), Video on Demand is available to be watched at any time.
  • Live vs Replay - Live vs recorded content. Live content is streamed as it happens. Sometimes these may be replayed to watch later.
  • Show vs Event - Edited prior to broadcast vs unedited. A show usually follows a script and is edited. An event is broadcast, and may be recorded as it happens.

Linear TV features on Fire TV

After you have integrated Linear TV with your app, these features will be available for all Fire TV devices once a customer installs and authenticates your app.

How Linear TV displays content

Tiles under the Home tab display programming information on the Recent row and On Now row.

Programming information

Linear TV programming will be available on the “Live” tab, a dedicated tab for current Linear TV content.

Available in the Live Tab

Focusing on a program reveals more detailed information.

Detailed information

How users find channels and programs

An integrated channel guide reveals up to 14 days of scheduling information for a channel.

Integrated channel guide showing up to 14 days

Users can search for Linear TV content for up to 14 days of programming. This can be done by typing in the search, or using voice search.

Search for content

Alexa voice support for "Tune to ."

Linear TV also has Alexa voice support for "Watch " in limited marketplaces.

Tune to channel name

Users can add Linear TV channels to a list of favorites for quick access.

Add to favorites

Ways to play Linear TV content

Users can play content either in its own app or play it directly. Playing it directly increases discoverability and saves time and effort for customers.

To learn how to implement these features, see TV Input Framework on Fire TV.

Last updated: Dec 06, 2022