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Summary Reference Table

Here is another reference you can use for triggers, basic instructions, and specific SDK calls. This is not a complete list.

Trigger from customer Basic instructions SDK function calls
Signs into the app Share all customer entitlements through the AmazonEntitlementReceiver. - AmazonEntitlementReceiver.setContentEntitlements(...)
- AmazonCustomerListReceiver.setCustomerList(..., AmazonCustomerListType.Watchlist)
Signs out of the app Do not share data when customer signs out. N/A
Switches profiles Share any profile specific information not previously shared. - AmazonCustomerListReceiver.setCustomerList(..., AmazonCustomerListType.Watchlist)
- AmazonPlaybackReceiver.addPlaybackEvents(...)
Opens app while signed in Share updated information, which may have occurred on another device, since the last time the customer opened the app. This includes:
- content entitlements
- watchlist
- playback eventsPlayback events must be marked as Off-Device.
- AmazonEntitlementReceiver.setContentEntitlements(...)
- AmazonCustomerListReceiver.setCustomerList(..., AmazonCustomerListType.Watchlist)
- AmazonPlaybackReceiver.addPlaybackEvents(...)
Watches content Share a message using the addPlaybackEvent SDK function in the AmazonPlaybackReceiver class, indicating that the content is playing. Mark these events as Active. Continue making calls to addPlaybackEvent when the customer’s playback state changes. For example:
- The customer pauses playback
    - An advertisement (interstitial) starts playing
    - The customer exits playback where content is no longer in view
    - The customer completes the content
- Once every 60 seconds of playback
- AmazonPlaybackReceiver.addPlaybackEvent(...)
Adds or removes items from watchlist When the customer adds items to their watchlist, invoke the addCustomerListEntry function on the AmazonCustomerListReceiver.

When they remove items, invoke the removeCustomerListEntry function on the AmazonCustomerListReceiver.
- AmazonCustomerListReceiver.addCustomerListEntry(..., AmazonCustomerListType.Watchlist)
- AmazonCustomerListReceiver.removeCustomerListEntry(..., AmazonCustomerListType.Watchlist)
Purchases, rents, or records content Share by invoking the AmazonEntitlementReceiver.

If individual content entitlements are lost due to complex expiration rules, use the removeContentEntitlement to indicate. We handle all time-based expirations.
- AmazonEntitlementReceiver.addContentEntitlement(...)
- AmazonEntitlementReceiver.removeContentEntitlement(...)
Watches trailer, views content detail page, or likes or dislikes content Share through the AmazonContentInteractionReceiver. Currently supported content interaction types are found here. - AmazonContentInteractionReceiver.addContentInteraction(...)

Last updated: Mar 13, 2024