Developer Console

Introduction to PMR (Fire TV)

Your app can send recommendations to users about the content (movies, shows, music, games) that you want them to watch. For most developers, your recommendations will appear on a shared Recommended By Your Apps row on the Amazon Fire TV home screen. For information about the shared recommendations row, see Recommendations.

Fire TV strategic partners may be offered a Partner Managed Row (PMR), which is a dedicated recommendations row for your app.

PMR facilitates user discovery of your relevant content and improves user engagement. If your application implements Catalog Integration with Amazon, the PMR feature becomes even more powerful: you gain access to recommendation rows dedicated to your app alone, visible in the Home, Movies, and TV Shows sections of the UI. Because your app controls all of the content on this dedicated PMR, you can personalize your offering for each customer.

Applications submit recommendations using a simple API, which is available on Fire OS for Fire TV devices and on Android 5 and above for Android devices. For more information about recommendations, see Recommending TV Content in the Android documentation. The Android TV Leanback Support Library app also contains sample code for sending recommendations.

Last updated: Oct 29, 2020