ASK SDK for Node.js

The ASK SDK v2 for Node.js makes it easier for you to build highly engaging skills by allowing you to spend more time implementing features and less time writing boilerplate code.

Alexa Features Supported by SDK

This section provides all the Alexa features that are currently supported in the SDK.

Preview Features


To help you get started with the SDK, see the following resources.

Setting Up The ASK SDK

Shows how to install the SDK as a dependency in your NPM project.

Developing Your First Skill

Walks through step-by-step instructions for building the Hello World sample.

ASK SDK Migration Guide

Provides instructions for migrating an Alexa skill from the SDK v1 to the SDK v2.

Technical Documentation

Processing Request

Covers how to build request handlers, exception handlers, and request and response interceptors.

Building Response

Covers how to use the ResponseBuilder to compose multiple elements like text, cards, and audio into a single response.

Managing Attributes

Covers how to use skill attributes to store and retrieve skill data.

Calling Alexa Service APIs

Covers how to use service clients in your skill to access Alexa APIs.

Configuring Skill Instance

Covers how to configure and construct a skill instance.

ASK SDK Utilities

Covers how to use utility function provided by ASK SDK.

Host a Custom Skill as a Web Service

Covers how to use the ASK SDK to host a custom skill as a web service.

Latest SDK version

The ASK SDKs are updated frequently to support new ASK features. You can always find the most recent versions on GitHub:

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Last updated: Jul 15, 2024